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Poster: mudcatbluez Date: Mar 25, 2007 10:32am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

It's been gone a few weeks, I believe. Can't imagine why. I share your sentiments in thinking that it should just so not be an official release. With so many ways to remember Jerry, this really wasn't one of them.

What I do miss about 7/9's disappearance were the reviews posted for it. Heartfelt thoughts & fond farewells.


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Poster: mcglone Date: Mar 25, 2007 11:27am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show


Touch Of Gray, Little Red Rooster, Lazy River Road, When I Paint My
Masterpiece*, Childhood's End, Cumberland Blues, Promised Land Shakedown
Street, Samson & Delilah, So Many Roads, Samba In The Rain, Corrina,
Drums, Space, Unbroken Chain, Sugar Magnolia

E: Black Muddy River, Box Of Rain
Reviews for Grateful Dead
July 9th, 1995
Average User Rating:
Downloaded 31208 times
December 09, 2005
Reviewer: hamradioman
Subject: Amazing sounding show
I'm amazed at the sound of this show. Garcia doesn't sound tired at all to
me. He sounds fantastic. Really great performance. I'm impressed. Thanks
to everyone who made it possible for this show to be up and available.
Garcia was a professional to the very end.

November 15, 2005
Reviewer: aint no time to hate
Subject: give it up for THE GRATEFUL DEAD
final show, yes. worst show, no. as with anyother grateful dead show, not
one is perfect. lets pretend for one minute that jerry and the boys are
only human, and can have a bad moment here and again. this show isn't even
in need of a rating. let this just be a lesson to all of you, the grateful
dead blessed us all with serenity and warmth of their music for 40 years.
there is no judging this for musical sake. everyone that visits this site
is aware of the grateful deads talent and thankful for this
show. o granted, it was jerrys last apperance on the stage, and i am
thankful for this show being available,i really am..but listen to this
show and give ode to what you really love about the grateful dead...the
strength they had to pull it threw, the masterpiece of every tune.the
heartfelt attempt of every single member. although we no longer have
jerry, the music never stopped. keep this alive. let this show be a marker
for a time in history when we only got stronger, and better. ill give this
show a 5 and finish on one more thing to say..Thank you Jerry.

October 30, 2005
Reviewer: Learn and love and grow
Subject: Such a long long time to be gone
and a short time to be there. God Bless.

October 29, 2005
Reviewer: olddeadhead
Subject: poignant set list for jerry's last show
Just check out all the finality in the songs played and the conotations
with death, such as Lazy River Road, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Promised
Land, Box of Rain, composed by Phil Lesh for his dying father and listen
to the first line of the first chours to Black Muddy River. Jerry sings "
the LAST muddy river".

October 23, 2005
Reviewer: jensenbeachjohnny
Subject: decent show
not the train wreck I expected. Decent show, an utterly exhausted man
giving it his all. Jerry's spirit shines through. So many roads very

October 19, 2005
Reviewer: Jig 007
Subject: Masterpiece
"Masterpiece"... check it out. Lot's of soul from Bobby, it's so
contageous it wakes Jerry;-) It's as if Bobby is finding inspiration in
"someday". After a year like this one, can't say I blame him. Too bad
"someday" never happened again.

October 13, 2005
Reviewer: jammy
Subject: The end
I was at this show and the So Many Roads is great even though I didn't
really like the song (I think it made the So Many Roads cd). Jerry is lost
at times, quite sad. Takes him a while to catch up after Unbroken.
Somewhat below average show from a poor year.

October 10, 2005
Reviewer: Kalanus
Subject: not bad eh?
For what its all worth this is show (or all of '95)is not that bad at all
- suppose that some might want it to be a "stellar" sort of show - this
show is ok - shame and all, but oh well. the real shame though IMHO is
that vocals were getting interesting and different this year. Very emotive
and not at all like anything b4

October 02, 2005
Reviewer: johnniehaygood
Subject: We miss you more than words can tell.
I never met Jerry..... but a part of my family he was. I miss him so.....

September 28, 2005
Reviewer: skuzzlebutt
Download it for historical significance if you must, but standing alone as
a musical artifact, this show is pretty much worthless. Garcia sounds as
if he is on the verge of a coma, and the rest of the group seems
disinterested in the proceedings. Except for a brief flash near the end of
"So Many Roads" that many others have commented on, there is no energy
anywhere to be found ANYWHERE in this performance. There is a difference
between improvisation and just playing whatever the hell comes to mind
while ignoring what the others are doing. There is also a HUGE difference
between taking musical risks and just not giving a shit. Even a couple of
members have admitted that by the mid-90s they didn't really listen to
each other on stage anymore and that the band wasn't very good down the
stretch. It's perfectly acceptable to still love the Dead and what they
meant to all of us without paying lip service to this trash.

September 16, 2005
Reviewer: Edinburghguy
Subject: So Many Roads
I'm 37, from the UK and have been a deadhead since the first time I heard
them at 16. I remember travelling on a train between my Home in Scotland
and London and reading an excellent obituary of Jerry in a national paper
called the Indepedent. As I read the final paragraph: "crying as I write
this, Jerry played, at times, like an angel weeping over the end of the
world" ; my heart melted into a torrent of tears also. This rendition of
"So Many Roads" is just one of those times. It penetrates through and
beyond the vaults of heaven, surely to the bosom of God Himself....

September 09, 2005
Reviewer: pwfurther
Subject: So Many Roads...
This particular version of So Many Roads sums up best what I loved about
Jerry. His playing/singing was truly analogous to the "triumph of the
human soul". One moment he would hit a bum note or forget a lyric and the
next he would play/sing something so beautiful and fragile it could make
you cry. He never forgot to remind us that he was just like you or me.
When he starts talking to the lord, it give me the impression that he knew
what was around the bend... and to me, he was letting us know that he was
going to be ok. I know that some will not agree, but this is just my
opinion. I'm grateful to the Archive for making this show available,

September 08, 2005
Reviewer: Augustanowsley
Subject: Childhood's End
There are several reasons why this show is worth having. Historically it
is the coda to a long strange trip many were fortunate to ride along. But
its significance resides in the same reasons many criticize it. Given time
to place it in perspective, the sentimental appeal is obvious. Yet the
flaws documented are every bit as precious for exhibiting what made this
band great. They were uncompromising. They were not concerned with image,
or fame or popularity or hits,unless these things interfered with their
main purpose. They played their music out of love for playing. And it's
all on tape, warts and all: when they soared and when they flopped, Every
miscue, every sour note, every flubbed line. It's all recorded for
generations to TRY and recreate. But for those fortunate enough to have
actually participated, it is an experience that could never be truly
transmitted to another, unless they too have been on the bus. With that
said this performance has its defining moments as already mentioned.
furthermore they are performing new music right to the end. And it's
quality stuff too. The Stones can't say that, although they are still
breathing( sorta)My point is that GD were a going concern even at
the bitter end. And despite a marked decline in Jerry's ability due to
failing health and his notorious dependency, he could still pull some
magic tricks out of his sleeve. Even in decline he could still shine. I
agree this performance is often tragic, even pathetic at times. But it's
honest and that's what characterized this band and Jerry. Integrity set
them apart from the multitude of rock stars and pop entertainers that
litter the music scene today or then. The Grateful Dead on a bad night
were better than many bands on their best. Evaluating this show in the
context of age, physical condition, & historical significance, this
performance provides a poignant image of an old soldier of the road fading
into the dusk.

September 08, 2005
Reviewer: bonk
This version is so amzing!!Its also a very very very heart felt
performance by the boys.First off,we get an extra solo section after the
last verse which is great.The END is the "X" factor GD!Vocally,I dont
think i have ever heard Jer so soulful.At one pint,he actually moans amd
groans.I must say,the first time I heard this version,i went from smiling
to crying,to smiling all in a 7:50 minute period.The one intesting thing
also is Jerry has stated serveral times that he does not mention g-d in
anything he sings.In this version,we get a" many roads to ease my
soul"in the ending.Man i can listen to this version all day!!!!If you
havent heard it(which i know you probably have)Please Do!!!5 stars for
quality and 5 stars for SO MANY RDS ALONE!!!!

September 08, 2005
Reviewer: Muddy69
Subject: Thanks to all of you
I just read about 50 of the reviews on this show , most are not actually
reviews on the show but instead thoughts on Jerry , the whole scene, life
, laughs , sadness, the deterieration of the band in the 90's etc. I'd
just like to say that the 50+ shows I saw from 3/31/86 to whatever
Highgate 95 was the best time I ever had. Certainly we have the band to
thank for all the music that went on for 30 years , we also have each
other to thank. So THANK YOU !!! Everyone one of you who ever walked by ,
nodded, smiled , passed me a joint or a beer, hooked me up with a tape ,
sold me a t-shirt , gave me directions, gave me info on security , danced
next to me,yelled in my ear during Crazy Fingers , THANKS! A long strange
trip indeed. Let's all consider ourselves lucky that we were all able to
be there , in whatever varying degrees, 500 shows or 1. We were all part
of the greatest communtunity , the biggest traveling circus and sideshow
that ever roamed the countryside. The most prolific and enduring concert
attraction in the history of rock and roll.There is nothing like a
Grateful Dead concert.

September 07, 2005
Reviewer: BostonIndica
Subject: Such a wonderful show....considering...
Being a studio musician and composer for many years now, I just wanted to
say that this show is amazing. The bottom line is simple: 30, 40 years?
They gave everything to us, the fans. All this free music, most SBD
quality, AUDs as well. Wonderful. This show is warm, well played, and
historic. Jerry and the crew touched us all, and it is now our turn make
sure the music never stop....and so on... This show is great. Good tunes,
Jerry gave everything he had. We all died a little inside. Download this,
and play it loud. It is NOT a bad show, 95 or not. If you get confused....
Highlights - Unbroken is great. Black muddy, wonderful. Box of Rain -
well, if you need it....if not...

September 01, 2005
Reviewer: mrbill
Subject: 5 stars for historical value
Sadly, the Dead went downhill, due in a large part, to Jerry's addiction.
In my opinion, the nineties material can't touch the seventies or even the
eighties. However, I grew up with the Dead and am still emotional about
the death of Jerry. As such, even though this show isn't up to the quality
of the Dead in their prime, it has great historical value. For this, I
give it a top rating. I am still struck by the last line they played:
"such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there." PS:
sadly, I have lost respect for Phil and the rest of the survivors for
playing the Jerry songs as Phil & Friends, The Dead, etc. Let Jerry rest
and get some new material. The past is the past.

August 23, 2005
Reviewer: MindBender65
Subject: Come on you one star people
The Grateful Dead wasn't just about the music. It was about the friendship
and togetherness of people from all over the place. Going to a show that
musically may have been sub-par does not mean that the experience of just
being there wasn't wonderful. The Grateful Dead created something that had
never been created before, and definately will never be created again -
not with phish, not with string cheese, NO ONE! That special something
officially ended with this show. The dead scene went through stages just
like any thing else that is alive. It was born, it grew and matured, it
changed with the times, and eventually it died. This show is so special
that no number of stars could do it justice. Don't listen to this show
with a critical ear, or expecting Jer to remember all the words, but
listen to this show and be grateful for all the love and music and good
times that were had over the years. Time just flys. It doesn't seem like
it was that long ago when the fat man was up there serenading us. Damn.

August 09, 2005
Reviewer: Trannyman
Subject: Right on Boston
Right on Indica Boston. Nottin wrong with this soulful performance. So
Many Roads is the best version I've heard. And for all the folks waiting
for Samba to come around, this is also the best version I've heard. It
really explodes out of SMR. Sound quality is top notch. PS- Hey Massergy-
You asked "where are the jams at? during the 2nd set. Yikes Mass, these
are some of longest jams for these tunes available, all led by Garcia.
Corrina is a full 15 minutes. The SMR is maybe the finest leads he ever
played on this song (Phil agrees in his new book). Shakedown sounds pretty
dran jammed out to my ears, and tight. Why can't people hear the greatness
in this show? PSPS- I didn't even realize it was Aug 9th 10 years later
until I was listening to the 3/27 Days Between last night. Weird.

August 09, 2005
Reviewer: dmilks
Subject: 10 years later....
We miss you more than words can tell.

August 09, 2005
Reviewer: RedWingDeadHead
Subject: The Last One - Chicago 1995
Well, this is the last one. Very sad indeed that the boys went out this
way. I gave up my ticket for this one, but no regrets. I was lucky to see
them over 60 times since 1984. This show has a decent Unbroken Chain that
most of us were waiting to hear. The board is very nice, but poor Jerry
was on his last leg. This one is good for the true collector. Thanks for
the great times, Jerry. I still miss you.

August 09, 2005
Reviewer: phleshy
Subject: It Was 10 Years Ago Today...
when Jerry left us. Believe me, he left a lot of great music for the world
to hear, and thankfully the vast majority of it is preserved on this
wonderful site. RIP Jerome John Garcia 1942-95.

August 01, 2005
Reviewer: Massergy
Subject: Grinning and Frustrated
Used to live within walking distance of soldier field and saw every show
there sinse the run began in '91. Each year I would find more and more to
complain about afterwards and that's not including the whole scene outside
before the shows (alot of heads should not have been trying to even walk
across busy Lake Shore Drive let alone drive down it...and watching heads
trying to get the cabbies to drive them back up to Wisconsin was insane
and comical). For a large outdoor stadium, old Soldier field was an
excellent venue not only visually (with the skyline, the lake and the
greek columns surrounding the facade) but it's old bowl shape was about as
intimate as a football stadium could get. I never understood why Chicago
hadn't reached the "summer dead show mystique" of a place like RFK, Deer
Creek or even a Rich Stadium. I was always expecting the band to come into
the Chicago shows (considering the beautiful surroundings) with the
mindset that they could make it a special stop on the tour. But like I
said, I was always left wanting a few more memories to take I
had with other cities I had seen shows in. Why should I see amazing show
after amazing show in little Richfield, Ohio but not in downtown Chicago?!
By the time I got to Summer '95, I had all but stopped the drugs and the
hanging out and was really looking for the "pure experience". In
retrospect, I should have gotten completely baked with the guys sitting
next to me, because they sure as hell didn't care that Jerry was basically
being propped up with a broomstick, force-fed a teleprompter like some
stiff weather man, and looking down at his guitar in befuddlement as it
seemingly was playing itself on auto-pilot mode. It's hard to review the
first set as no memories of it exist for me whatsoever...nothing stuck
with me. I remember the second set opening-Shakedown (with scenes of the
city on the big screen) had people in my group very excited that we may
get a real departure from the standard 2nd sets the boys were playing that
particular summer. Then we get a Samson, a So Many Roads, a Samba and a
Corrina...where are the jams at? It was like we got another first set and
I didn't pay for two jam-less sets! I was screaming along at the end of
"Roads", don't get me wrong, but it seemed to me that the band was just
not even wanting at that point to start any kind of intense improvising
for fear that Jerry would embarrass himself. The band would end up playing
the entire concert pretty close to the vest, with the classic Dead suprize
factor all but gone. Funny how when you are sober, Drums and Space
(especially '95 space) would just have you checking your watch at times
and looking around watching people sleeping, going to get a hot dog or
just goofing off in general...the space from this show just wouldn't end
and when the band has no coherent idea what it wants space to be, they end
up taking up most of the space segment just trying to find something that
sticks...nothing did that night so they just ended it with an Unbroken
Chain that seemed to catch everyone in the band off-guard, including Phil.
I enjoyed hearing that song live for the first time, but novelty doesn't
make for any lifelong memories. After the show, I didn't know what to
think other than I was surely willing to give them another chance and
another and another after that...never got to and I still have that bad
taste in my mouth to this day.

July 29, 2005
Reviewer: L. Rosley
Subject: Giants and mortals
This show reminds me of a Miles Davis concert I saw just before he died.
On the stage was a creative giant, who had achieved more than all of us
combined, struggling with his mortality. (Like Jerry, Miles had a problem
with Mr. Charlie.) There are those that say that Miles, Jerry, opera's
Joan Sutherland, Sinatra should have quit earlier, gone out on a high
note. I disagree. They continued to give something precious, ineffible,
world-enhancing. They kept on keeping on not for the money -- they had
plenty. The did it because music was the blood that flowed through their
veins. THAT being said, to give this show 5 stars does a disservice to the
hundreds of really fine shows the Grateful Dead pulled out of the ether.
After you listen to this show, listen to any of the Dick's Picks from any
period. You'll hear a fiery passion in Jerry's guitar, or a tender coaxing
of humanity from the strings, technically creative and clever, guitar that
moves the soul, guitar you can listen to by itself, and guitar that syncs
intimately with the rest of the band. It's not here. Cumberland Blues
embodies this. Jerry's most soulful vocal here is BMR, and it's good, but
it's not a 5 star performance. Listen to the Morning Dews of the '70's
(try 1974-6-18), or Loser almost from any period. The band doesn't mesh
here, and Phil is just awful. I didn't know what to expect on Sunday
August 13, 1995, when I headed towards the Memorial in the Golden Gate
Park Polo Fields, San Francisco. As the sounds of Jerry came over the
sound system, the people gave tributes, laid flowers on a shrine,
strangers stoppin’ strangers just to shake their hand, and talking,
talking, talking. More celebratory than sad. Silence fell on the crowd,
though, when the speakers played We Bid You Good Night. We are mortal,
even the giants.

July 20, 2005
Reviewer: tpdtwo
Subject: 3rd row
I was at this show 3rd. row and i must tell you the so many roads was
steller. a must have version. so blues at the end.

July 10, 2005
Reviewer: cdw
Subject: tmns
the american culture is in no doubt richer thanks to the grateful dead
thanks to all involved for 40 years grateful dead forever cheers

July 10, 2005
Reviewer: greenjah05
Subject: Shame on You
To dis this show 10 years after Jerry's death well, I really don't know.
What kind of person does that? Thank you Jerry, for many, many, many
moments of sheer bliss. 5 stars for every jam I witnessed personally from
4/16/83 to 5/14/95. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

July 10, 2005
Reviewer: pigpenfan101
Subject: Thanks soooooo much
7:00pm 7/9/2005 10 years to the day... *sniff* Thanks Jerry for all you
have done . We will miss you. R.I.P. The Grateful Dead Jerry Bobby Billy
Phil Pigpen Mickey Vince Bruce Brent Keith Donna T.C. Hunter Barlow
Peterson **********Thanks for all the music.**********
------------------------------------------------------ 12:20 am 7/10/2005
I just finished listening to the whole concert. Brings a tear to my eye.
Thanks Jerry for everything. you will live on as long as there are people
to listen and enjoy. LONG LIVE THE GRATEFUL DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

July 09, 2005
Reviewer: samson
Subject: ...
All the negativity towards this night...while it wasn't the best I'd give
anything to go back to this just to be there again- no matter how good or
bad. Ten years...I miss ya Jer!

July 09, 2005
Reviewer: REA04
Subject: Fare thee well.
Such a long long time to be gone......

July 09, 2005
Reviewer: jackstraw69
Subject: thanks
Im sitting on my back porch in july.drinking some wine..10 years to the
hour of the last show..i love you jerry and all the changed my
life..jimmy in MD yes that jimmy...jackstraw69

July 09, 2005
Reviewer: JuSHooks
Subject: 10 years...
We miss you jerry...

July 09, 2005
Reviewer: cheyler
Subject: Sound 5 : Show 2
Leaving out all the historical significance and emotion attached to this
show, Touch of Grey was horrible, Rooster was Rooster (never liked it),
Lazy River Road was excellent, Masterpiece was good, Childhood's End was
fair, Cumberland was OK (not much Jerry there), Promised Land was weak.
Short first set. Shakedown was poor when compared to all the other
wonderful versions out there, Samson was poor, So Many Roads was quite
nice (lots of emotion from Jerry on this one), Samba In The Rain never
once worked (seems like Jerry couldn't get his head around this one, his
playing NEVER clicked once) *wow, four 'S' songs in a row*, Corrina was
actually pretty good (the first version that I ever actually enjoyed),
Drums and Space were also quite good (seems like the drummers were really
in a groove during spring and summer of this year), Unbroken Chain also
suffered from poor Jerry playing (just couldn't find the notes), Sugar Mag
has a GREAT Bob tone and attack (his guitar was sounding pretty cool on
this tour), BMRiver had lots of emotion due to Jerry's voice being what it
was (even if one was unaware of all the 'heavy' significance surrounding
this song/show, it was sound pretty 'emotional'), and 'far out! double
encore!' Box Of Rain (not much to comment on there). The sound quality of
this show is absolutely wonderful (close to perfect) and the performance
is a bit on the shoddy side, many more wonderful shows to choose from this
year (Seattle 05-25-95 or 05-26-95 come to mind, particularly the 25th).
Pretty weak show, great sound and some very high moments.

July 09, 2005
Reviewer: MCMRULES
Subject: Phil's Book
I would never listen to anything after 1990, but I always check out shows
from this day in Dead history, just about every day of the year. I read
all of the performance reviews and decided to take a listen to Cumberland.
It's not that bad, but something is missing. So Many Roads is impassioned,
although I think people read too much into Jerry's declining health and
that he just knew...Anyhow, this is a passage from Phil's Book: "At the
last show, I watched in despair as Jerry, whey-faced, hunched over with
chin on chest, fighting for breath before singing every line, struggled
through an incredibly moving performance of So Many Roads...he seemed to
respond only on the slowest, saddest songs...for the encore Jerry sang
Black Muddy River, and then I launched into Box of Rain at the last minute
because I couldn't stand the thought of ending the tour with one of
Jerry's most sorrowful songs"

July 09, 2005
Reviewer: Ole Uncle John
Subject: Good Historical Record
Didn't want to be the only LMA user who failed to comment on this historic
mediocre show so here's my take. Beyond being the last one nothing to
recommend here. With a few exceptions not a whole lot worth bothering with
after 91.Sure get this one and the first to bookend your collection but I
can't imagine listening to this too often with 2000+ better shows out
there. Decent recording though. UPDATE: Ok today's the one day when I'll
give this a short listen, then quickly move on to some favorites of mine
from 74,77, and 69. RIP Jerry we still miss you.

June 29, 2005
Reviewer: bbbbgtm
Subject: My last show
It ended on a bad note. I will say this is the worst Dead show that I
witnessed. Jerry just just kept bringing it down. Phil wasn't much better.
The highlight of the show was that I got in. I had been scouring the scene
for tickets, when some guy grabbed me just before they went on. Bad show
but I'm glad I was there.

June 20, 2005
Reviewer: ripple95
Subject: Never cared much for careless love
It is my view, as it is many others, that it is impossible to grade this
show, as their is too much else surrounding it. The show, by a musical
standpoint,is poor. Jerry was obviously not all there. It is sad indeed to
hear this great man struggle mightly where he used to soar with ease.
Jerry has brought boundless joy and love into my love through his music
and message. This show should not be thought of as an end to anything; for
the music still exists, thus Jerry lives on. We help to spread the Deads
message every time we turn others on to the music. Let there be songs to
fill the air.

June 20, 2005
Reviewer: chinacat111
Subject: great final show
considering what Jerry was going through, his diabetes, addiction, death
threats, crowd violence he played a great final show. the best so many
roads and encore "Last" Muddy River. Anything but a 5 star would be

June 16, 2005
Reviewer: jhender501
Subject: Thank You all I can say. I got on the bus in the late 60's, got off and on a
few times along the way..stepped off in 92..thanks to tapes/dick's picks
and this place got back on in 99 or so. It's been tough to listen to this
show and I've avoided it for a while and just managed to get through most
of painful knowing this was the end. Musically, not all that bad.
SMR/Sugar Magnolia, BMR and Box of Rain..great to hear. I wish I knew more
of what was going on with the band/Jerry during this time..I'm reading
McNally's book now and next is Phil's so I guess I'll figure it out..
Thanks, gentlemen for many years of joy and love. 5 stars for the years of
great times and music. Jim

June 14, 2005
Reviewer: SO
Subject: Ain't no time to hate...
Just a box of rain - wind and water - Believe it if you need it, if you
don't just pass it on Words don't even come close... but thank you for
showing me my heart...

June 11, 2005
Reviewer: sinceamelia3
Subject: Thank you
Thank you, Tom Constanten (keyboards; born March 19, 1944), Jerry Garcia
(guitar, vocals; born August 1, 1942, died August 9, 1995), Donna Godchaux
(vocals; born August 22, 1945), Keith Godchaux (keyboards; born July 14,
1948, died July 21, 1980), Mickey Hart (drums, percussion; born September
11, 1943), Robert Hunter (lyricist; born June 23, 1941), Bill Kreutzmann
(drums; born April 7, 1946), Phil Lesh (bass, vocals; born March 15,
1940), Ron “Pigpen” McKernan (keyboards, harmonica, vocals; born September
8, 1945, died March 8, 1973), Brent Mydland (keyboards, vocals; born
October 21, 1952, died July 26, 1990), Bob Weir (guitar, vocals; born
October 16, 1947), Vince Welnick (born February 22, 1951; keyboards). Info
is from

June 10, 2005
Reviewer: scrooge
Subject: SO LONG
Thanks for spending so much time with me while my wife was in grad school.
It is very sad and such a G** Damn waste. I have been comming to this site
for a long time now and some how never put two and two together as to
wheather the archive had the last show. I wish now that I had not. Thanks
to all who work at the archive and thanks to the Dead for years of that
feeling you get when you KNOW the band is enjoying playing what your
listening to. Five stars out of respect.

May 30, 2005
Reviewer: gratefuly deadicated
Subject: LAST BLACK MUDDY RIVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 28, 2005
Reviewer: Stabmaster_G
Subject: so-so
I don't really know why I have the urge to weigh in on this one but I
don't think it's too bad a show overall. On the plus side the sound
quality is great. In fact theres a chance this could be in the top 20 or
so shows of 1995!!! Ok, an outside chance. By the way, we all have learned
that 1995 was in fact in the "nineties" but what is the year 2005 in?
Really, I wanna know.

May 28, 2005
Reviewer: killsparky
Subject: sad ending
5* just for black muddy river - as good as it gets

May 24, 2005
Reviewer: direwolf0701
Subject: does any show have more reviews
well, since no one else has yet - i'll give it the 100th. This show is
real bad, or rather, really really sad. Like many people have commented -
it is good for its historical significance only. Thank god i never saw any
video of this - from the sounds of it, it is a horror show. Oh well, rest
in peace Jerry.

May 24, 2005
Reviewer: Renliff
Subject: My 2 cents
The Grateful Dead meant alot to me for many years. Near the end I stopped
seeing shows due to the slow decline of the quality of music, and the
music was the reason I started seeing them in the 1st place.
Unfortunately, I have heard the tapes of this show and even worse, I have
seen the video of this. Giving this show a low rating is no disrespect to
everyones past experiences with the Dead. It is a reflection of how bad
this show was and if you've seen pictures or video of it your heart will
break to see Jerry up there looking as bad as he ever did. I put away all
the tapes of this show and put the DVD I have on the bottom of the stack
so I may never have to think of Jerry or the Dead in this crappy state of
being. 1 star (who's gonna give it the 100th review?)

May 22, 2005
Reviewer: begratefulbedead
Subject: show some respect
this show might not have been their best performance, but it saddens me to
see that people are actually rating it low and actually posting bad
reviews because of the quality of their playing. if one had the mentality
of a true deadhead, they would know what this show means and at least give
your respect to The Man. please stop the negativity, and give the boys the
respect they deserve for bringing us 30 years of great music...a very sad
must have for anybody

May 06, 2005
Reviewer: patkelley
Subject: 1995 was in the "nineties," not the "eighties."
ya know?

May 05, 2005
Reviewer: Headiethreadie
Subject: The music never stops
I have read a lot of horrid reviews of this show, but c'mon, it was the
eighties, cut some slack for the drug induced performance! I will never be
as moved as i am when i hear this Black Muddy River, it was a phenominal
show and the boys deserve our endless praise.

May 05, 2005
Reviewer: DEADBUCK
What a sad day to come in August. My first show was a copy of a copy of a
copy of a wet tape that was on the Titanic. So to all that nock this
one..I can hear lyrics clearly w/ some music too! I've seen
worse set lists. I will down this one with a lump in my throat and a tear
in my eye because of what it represents and be glad I can hear the boys
together one last time until we all get upstairs. Thanks for leavin' it
hang for so long! All of forty years and still truckin!

May 02, 2005
Reviewer: tivo
Subject: emotional
One can truly feel the sad emotion coming from the stage. Jerry sounds so
sad while singing BMR. Long live the Grateful Dead spirit! I rate this
show a 4 purely for the emotion. The performance... it's just so sad.

April 19, 2005
Reviewer: captain_trip_420
Subject: Stones fall from my eyes instead of years....
Thanks Guys. We miss you Jerry...Keep on Shinin'

April 19, 2005
Reviewer: rhenry
Subject: Last GD show ever
phil made some awesome remarks regarding this, the last of ALL GD! Still
my favorite band...still the greatest band

April 19, 2005
Reviewer: jahnasie
Subject: Yes, a bad show- HOWEVER. . .
So Many Roads, people, So Many Roads. . .

April 17, 2005
Reviewer: jackstraw11
Subject: Black Muddy River
Listen to Black Muddy, at about 50-55 secs in, I believe Jerry sings" Last
Muddy River"??

April 16, 2005
Reviewer: dire--wolf
Subject: Keep It Growing
all though many have formulated their own opinions we need to keep a clear
mind and understand that where we are is not permanent. appreciate the
small things, such as timeless sounds gifted from jerry. cherish this
sound for it was the last of an erra. feel happy knowing that phil, bobby,
bill and mickey are pushing forward and are doing what they can to keep
jerry's music growing.

April 09, 2005
Reviewer: Cucumber
Subject: Listen - Old Men Milking It For The Money, and thanks, Dick, or
whomever is making $$$ with/for/from Dick, for reminding us of Jerry when
he said that once he played it, it was out there for everybody.
Look - we all owe the Grateful Dead for all that they brought to each of
us, in our own way. I love them, I love Jerry, I bet everyone here does.
But listen to this show. Jerry is barely present. He is a sad shadow of
what he was, not that long earlier. I mean, c'mon, Bobby's playing just
about all the guitar. Just listen to it. Give the Grateful Dead five stars
for making it how ever many years they made it. But, by whatever standard
you want to use, this show is simply not very good at all. If this show is
five out of five, then they all must be.

April 07, 2005
Reviewer: Jeffrey-O
Subject: A Damn Shame!
Forget about the review that I wrote 50 or so reviews ealier. I finally
listened to this show from Start to Finish; and I must tell you, the sound
quality is 4.5 stars, everyone in the band is playing three stars, but
after 'Drums/Space' the show is a total disaster! Jerry must have checked
out after 'So Many Roads', because up to that point, the show is OK to
decent, but AFTER drums/space the show has to be one of the worst concerts
ever! Jerry sounds like a senile old man playing with a guitar. I am
really sorry to say it. Listen to it. Its painful to hear, but during
'Unbroken Chain' the end was apparent. Then Mr. Weir tries to salvage some
dignity by cutting in with a 'Sugar Mag', but it really was too late. The
'Black Muddy River' is really painful to listen to, too. 'Box of Rain' is
the redeeming quality; -- Redemption -- pretty much sums up the band's
repetoire. I love the GD, but its such a damn shame!! P.S. To the "Tito &
Touch head rules crowd", I think your completely right about bastardized
version of the GD known as 'The Dead' destroying Jerry's legacy. ....But
remember 'the Dead' is not the 'Grateful Dead'. They are a new different
band , with a new evolved sound of old classics. They may not be liked by
all, but their damn good musicians with a great sound. (EXCEPT when they
try to tackle jerrys' ballads!) You have to take the good with the bad, I
quess... It just reaffirms that every artist is truly unique and when
their gone, "they ain't coming back." So you just got to let it go and
move on! No one can ever duplicate an artist's genius, especially jerry's.
-- That's what made the GD, so damn SWEET!!! Sorry for superfluous words.
and Thanks for letting me get that out!! Thanks to those responsible for
this site!! ...So it goes.

April 03, 2005
Reviewer: joel mitchell
Subject: Review the show only please!
This is a great site because you do not need to download this entire show
to enjoy what is of value here. Get the So Many Roads and Black Muddy
River. Everything else is of no value, historically and musically. As for
all of the negative comments about tour, etc. I think we need to review
the music only, not about your experience at the hotel. Recommend some
songs, thats it. Writting about other stuff is really boring. Show facts:
do not regret missing this show, because the music was average or below
average-if you conisder thirty years of Grateful Dead. I left this show
during So Many Roads. Did I miss much? My cup was filled years before by
this band.

March 30, 2005
Reviewer: livecactus
Subject: I think that's enough
94 reviews of this show is ample. What can be discussed/argued/observed
that hasn't been already? Everyone is going to have an opinion of this
show lets just leave it at that. It is what it is: the end of what we
cherish. BTW my rating is based solely on playing and sound. Honestly I'm
not a fan of anything post Bruce.

March 30, 2005
Reviewer: droncit
Subject: if nothing else
if nothing else, this show really helps people vent. I think it's clear
this show was pretty much a disaster, but people still have a lot of pain
from Garcia's demise.

March 28, 2005
Reviewer: tzinn777
Subject: Last but not least
Not bad considering the time. You can't expect them to sound the same as
they did 25 years before, but you can appreciate it for what it's worth.
Overall, I listen to this show just to listen to it, not necessarily
because it's the last. Not a bad recording either! By the way tito, 329
dead shows and you still dont know what the dead its all about?? No need
to trash a reviewer

March 26, 2005
Reviewer: TheDead6595
Subject: Count Your Blessings
Be glad that- We even have this at all, IT'S A SOUNDBOARD, and it's free.
Just download it and be thankful for the memories.

March 26, 2005
Reviewer: skwimite
Subject: enough already
Willie Mays stayed around too long as well, but what can you do? The drums
and space has a surprising amount of energy, but that's it. Phil's vocals
are appalling, almost sounds drunk. I'll still give it 3 stars for
historical significance/sound, but it's not for the sqeamish.

March 26, 2005
Reviewer: augustwest
Subject: wow.
yeah, its the grateful deads last show, so its a definate must have. the
show it self is not the greatest, but is fairly standard for the time.
however you feel about, get it. keep it, and be glad that what the dead
had lasted sooooo long. sound quality is fairly decent on this one,
considering the venue size. and a side note: this section is for
reviews...not pointless rude trash talk about other reviewers. GROW UP GUYS.

March 25, 2005
Reviewer: sknIII
Subject: Wow
I'm 18 and was about 8 when jerry died. never got to see the real grateful
dead. I've seen the dead and the other ones and yeah it's nice to see
bobby but the magic isn't there that I hear on the tapes even this one,
the last, and presumably one of the worst. But I like to hear it. It's got
its historical context, and makes me smile, as the bands I listen to today
do. I wish some of you guys on here would stop all this bickering. Yeah I
see where you're coming from when you say taht druggies are ruining the
scene and have been for years, but at the same time they're not. They've
always been there, and always will be. In many respects the music we
listen to goes hand and hand with the drugs that we see at the concerts.
But i dont' think you should dis it, it's something a lot of have
participated in. I think instead you should just let people be whoever the
fuck they want to be. That's what the dead did for me when I started
listening to them at 13. It kept me from becoming another obnoxious
iggnorant fool at my rural school in Virginia. It exposed me to a whole
new world out there, full of amazing music, amazing people, and yes the
drugs that much of the time go hand and hand with the community we're all
involved with. So i guess what I'm trying to say is let it go. I mean we
are tarnishing the Dead's last show by renouncing each other as being
punks. What would jerry say if he saw these posts? He probably wouldn't be
smiling. Not one bit. Oh and as far as the show is concerned. So many
roads really is a touching write off. Amazing, everything else is tough to
get through. If you're a newb looking for some good dead. I love primal
dead 67-70... May 77 was exceptionally good. And europe 72, i'm a big fan
of... Good luck, and may you not end up like these bickering fools!

March 24, 2005
Reviewer: dirty jev-o
Subject: check yourselves ...stop[ the talk
hey...ease up on anybody out there perfect? what have you guys
done for the music world?....i doubt anything except pretend you
understand.....not that i do...we are lucky jerry and the band was ever
around...stop all the b.s about heroin.....geez thank god for 60's 70's
80's and 90's dead by the way...this show is still better than any of
these so called "jam" bands out there ---- please--- oh...start a message
board, nerds!

March 24, 2005
Reviewer: drjoek
If you can listen to So Many Roads or Black Muddy River knowing that this
is the last time and not shed a tear you have no soul.I won't comment on
much else for I don't feel Im expert enough but those two somgs
considering the circumstances are near divine. "So many roads I know All I
want is one to take me home From the high road to the low So many roads I
know So many roads so many roads So many roads to ease my soul" Wiping
away a tear I say "Thanks Jerry"

March 22, 2005
Reviewer: lobster12
Subject: historical purposes only
Let me first say that my reviews are based on the performance of the shows
themselves and not the fun time time I had or the great music the band has
given me over the years. That's just the way I choose to go. As for this
show, I do think people should download it for a keep sake, but PERSONALLY
speaking, it is very hard for me to listen to because this is not the band
I loved and got involved with. as for the BMR, based on many other
reviewers postive comments I went back and listened again and I still feel
the same way. Jerry's voice is cracking and he hits a lot of "clams". One
of the reasons to provide reviews is to steer someone in the direction of
something great. based on that I would recommend an '86/ "87 version of
this song when it was just as much an anthem as Touch of Grey and garcia
was strong and healthy. Again, one man's opinion.

March 21, 2005
Reviewer: Jason from Pennsyltucky
Subject: No place left to go, ain't that a shame...
At least listen to the so many rds. and the muddy river. You can hear how
tired Jerry is. I was there and vividly remember these tunes that final
night. I wouldn't bother with the rest of the show. The sound quality is
superb, the show mediocre at best minus the so many roads and the muddy
river. Thanks Jerry

March 18, 2005
Reviewer: jerrysongs
Subject: Black Muddy River, Jesus!
I have to agree with the majority of you that have reviewed this show. It
sucked. Anyone who had been on the bus knows that at this point the shine
had clearly worn off Jerry. The band's playing during the "Tour From Hell"
was nearly heroic in that they were carrying him. We, in a sense, were
watching him die. Why the five stars? Three words: "Black Muddy River".
Jerry's rendering of this tune makes me forget the sloppy guitar work and
spotty vocals. This song has been on "repeat" during my morning commute,
and I hear something different each time it is played...BMR never fails to
make my hair stand on end. The way his voice catches as he delivers the
line, "When the last bolt of sunshine hits the mountain..." serves as a
reminder as to just how shallow most of music has become today...makes his
death all the more damaging...the tune that more urgent-prophetic. Like
any vocalist worth his or her salt, Jerry always found a way to "become"
the song. Proving that you can wipe your bum with a set of good "pipes".
Plastic never makes it. Delivery is everything. Do you think Rubin
Stoddard and others in the vast pot of treacle known as "Pop Music" could
take us down along the BMR as Jer does? I don't think do. His voice is
pure unadulterated emotion. I can see the "swirls", hear the "ripples",
feel the singer's isolation. If the Crucifixion had a soundtrack, this
would be the final cut; the stage serving as Golgotha, the sweet "Judas"
kiss of opium (his betrayer)flowing through his veins...leading him to the
BMR. One more editorial comment, and I'm done. Can you even begin to
imagine the physical/spiritual burden that he carried the last five years
of his life feeding the public's incessant needs and those that depended
on him for the basics? Deification on any level is a heavy trip. Take a
look at the paparazzi shots of him at Serenity Knowles days before he
died...head cradled in his hands a very exhausted, very mortal man who was
already walking the banks of the Black Muddy River. Never has one tune
been so historically appropriate as a "swan song".

March 16, 2005
Reviewer: jimdling
Subject: simma down
okay, okay, it wasn't one of the greatest shows, but it wasn't bad. I
gotta disagree on SMR. it sounded pretty good, and I don't even like that
tune. dead shows are like pizza, even when they're bad, they're good

March 14, 2005
Reviewer: dogleg
Subject: Don't Forget
I came on board in 88, meaning thats when I attended my first shows. I
don't understand the commments about the music. The music was born out of
the most uncontrolled circumstances. They played the music because there
was no limits or limitations on the music, just music to fill the air. You
can't judge what can't be judged and expect what can't be expected. I
loved every minute I was able to spend in their presence, from the 3rd row
at Deer Creek to the nose bleed section in the Omni. To me, they were the
gratest band ever. They played the music based on how they felt and not
for how it was going to be judged. God bless and have mercy on Jerry's
soul, he was a musician and a kind human being.

March 13, 2005
Reviewer: grease
Subject: For shame
To read some of these reviews makes me sick. This was the end of an era, a
historic moment for all those anyway connected with the Dead. God blessed
us with the gift of the dead's music, and on this day it ended and many of
still pay our respects and are thankful everyday for the joy the Dead
brought into our lives. This may not be the best show ever, but it was the
last and all you people with yer negative comments should be grateful that
there ever was a last show. Just imagine life without the dead. Sucks
don't it? God bless you and thank you jerry. May you walk alone by the
black muddy river.

March 08, 2005
Reviewer: wklitz
Subject: Jerry, I bid you goodnight
It's the last show of an era. You're going to download it no matter what
anyone says. However, there are better sounding FOB tapes out there.

March 03, 2005
Reviewer: flashbackmagic
Subject: can we give my man Jerry a break.
Rosebud opened the show in Jerry's arms, and sang for its last
time...midway thru the show his baby experienced some tech. difficulties,
so he had to bring Tiger out from the closet. A fitting way to end a long
and glorious run of incredible music and memories...for both Jerry, and
Heads alike. He was 53 years old, and still touring like he was 27...
trying to bring the same happiness and joy that he brought so many people,
for so many years. Say what you like, just remember what this man
gave...his heart, his soul, and his life. For everyone with negetive
comments to make, whats the point? move on. There is plenty of music
preserved thru-out the years (thank god) for you to revisit, or hear for
the first time. If you have nothing good to say, dont say it. It saddens
me to see so many say this is sh!t, and also saddens me to hear people say
this is great, or the best show. you say upsetting and depressing? I SAY

February 27, 2005
Reviewer: Trannyman
Subject: What's the problem??
For folks that want a positive review here, just musically speaking.. here
it is. I'm a big fan of the 95 take that! I'm no
newbie..attended shows since 82. Thousands of hours of collection.. I am
loving the 95 tour.. This second set is way above average...Shakedown is
awesome..incredible So Many really is, sung with passion and
confidence by Garcia. The Samba, along with the RFK version is one of the
best ever. They were just hitting it on this tune at the end. Some folks
think Jere's just lost in 95. I couldn't disagree more. RIP Jerry. You
went out strong. PS- One of the best quality digital boards from the whole

February 10, 2005
Reviewer: TheloniousPhunk
Subject: the LAST muddy river
No, it may not compare to the supposed "last shows" of the mid70's, but
this show is the final grain of sand to drop in the hourglass. Rumor holds
that the destiny of the band is foreshadowed in "Black Muddy River." When
Jerry sings the fateful tune, he substitutes the line "I will walk alone
by the LAST muddy river." GD 1965-1995

February 04, 2005
Reviewer: ny dead
Subject: what i learned....
the musical content of this show is irrelavant. I will say this though, I
feel sorry for the individual(s) who feel that the band should have
stopped playing pre 92' I didn't see my first show until 93 and only got
to see about 17 shows but that makes me no less a fan. what i do know is a
dead show was an event. friends ,camping, music, expansion and peace. i am
a better person for listening to them. they were unselfish and gave us a
lifetime of music to enjoy.they were human so of course some shows sucked
but not all after 92 iknow most dont think so but lets not get crazy with
the negative man. la 94 was a life changing night for me and i will never
forget it. long live the grateful jg

January 28, 2005
Reviewer: OldSchoolJersey
Subject: Dreck
Awful show, awful tour. Unbroken Chain is an abject train wreck. They
should have quit in '92 -- so why the hell did I do the entire summer tour
in '95? and '94? Good question, that...

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Poster: mcglone Date: Mar 25, 2007 11:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

hey mudcat,

back in '05 when things round here got a little whack i copied reviews from special shows (including the last). i'll paste everything from '04 in this message and reply a second time with '05.

later man.


January 25, 2005
Reviewer: youngdedhed
Subject: so many raods
jerrys farewell song. this show may not be the best ever, but i'll give it
5 stars because it is the end of the greatest rock n roll band of all
time. Thank you for the beautiful music Mr. Garcia

January 22, 2005
Reviewer: Sgt. Justice
Subject: Too bad
Was a great atmosphere prior to show. Chicago is always fun, unless you
were a victim of Chicago's finest. Jerry was done by this time. Glimpses
of emotion, flickering here and there, but he was in bad shape. Playing
was bad, voice was done. Stumbled through the show like a horse in a log
jam. Unfortunate. Saw them many times in the 80s, what were they thinking
with Vince, sorry...but cmon...Miss those guys though, miss em a
lot....Never understood the Phish fad that soon followed, Bradies on the
coat tails....

December 20, 2004
Reviewer: besht2003
Subject: Set the Wayback Machine
Time to go back to the beginning, when we were all younger than we are
today and Jerry was hitting on all four cylinders. Check out "Viola Lee
Blues" on Dick's Picks Vol. 8 (5/2/70) or the earlier back pages of the
archive ...

December 14, 2004
Reviewer: TNJoe
Subject: So Many Tears
This is not a show that needs a review. The Grateful Dead touched us in so
many ways, and it is a shame that the last show was so poor. But it is
what it is. So Many Roads is great as is the Black Muddy, and that's what
we're left with. That's the way it's supposed to be. Do what I do, listen
to this show and remember all the good times, because this is definitely
not one of them.

December 06, 2004
Reviewer: zarah'sdad
Subject: wish I was there
I find myself listening to "So Many Roads" over and over again. So many of
the reviewers deems this Jerry's goodbye, or last gasp. I think I see this
show as probably the guys did, last show of a fateful tour, only to be
re-energized for the next go round. The naysayers point out Jerry being
atr the end of the road, but I find just as many reviewers pointing out
great shows they had seen a week or a month or whatever ago. Each tour had
its ups and downs, and the frequency depended on what you were looking
for. But I challenge everyone to show me that you knew this was it at the
time. Jerry had risen from the dead so many times, we all expected it
again. The moments in this show just seemed a glimpse of what will be
again. For all those who say they saw the unravelling of the band, or any
similar remark, and I can show you just as many reviews that point to the
idea that the boys weren't done yet. That being said, this show is a
necessity for closure, and in hindsight, So Many Roads is Jerry's swan
song, but not because he is saying goodbye (at that time), but more of the
idea that Jerry is saying "Look, I can still do it!" The passion in this
song is unrivaled by any performance. To all of us, had this not been the
show to end all shows, we would all be looking forward to the next run or
tour, and we would have been looking back at moments of this show for what
they were....a jumping off point to would was to be

December 05, 2004
Reviewer: pinetop
Subject: My Second Show
I just found this website, and for a longtime fan, it doesn't get much
better than this. I had scored tickets from the dead mail-in service, and
I took my brother, my best friend, and one of my old guitar players. We
were right next to the soundboard, and the music was out of this world.
I've heard many shows on tape, and now thru DL, but obviously the real
deal smokes any recording. Big time. After a long day on Shakedown with
drum circles fifty drummers around, stoned dogs, grey dreads, grilled
cheese, miracles, and many wonderful smells, we decided to have a fungal
time right before the show. When the lights went down and everyone lit
their lighters, it looked like space on earth. I had seen Jerry and the
boys the year before, but that was before I really knew their music. After
my first show I started buying and taping tons of shows. This time I was
ready. Unfortunatly my guitar player hadn't really studied the dead like I
did, so he didn't get the same effect. But he was pretty impressed we were
on the fifty yard line where the Bears played. The Chicago Bears, I mean.
The couple in front of us had both taken 7 hits of LSD a piece, and they
were really jamming. That girl got so much more beautiful as the night
wore on. As to the show. Opening with TOG was an excellent way to begin, I
thought. Sort of ironic too... "I will survive." Jerry, unfortunatly,
looked bad. It was obvious how the drugs had taken their toll. He warmed
up as the night went on, for sure, but those close ups on the mega-tron of
his face hurt my heart. Bobby was right on, though. I had never heard
Masterpiece before that, but I immediatly caught the meaning and really
dug it. Phil as always, was smokin hot. I had heard of Lesh bombs, and
now, I'll never forget them. I remembered looking around during Shakedown
Street and thinking that everyone in the stadium was a kind of musician,
and that made me think of Playing in the Band's meaning, and the line,
"the music played the band" from The Music Never Stopped. The music wasn't
just coming from the speakers, but from everywhere. And it seemed like
people there had a say in the outcome. It really amazed me and made me
look at music in a very different way forever. It was like, there were the
boys on stage, and the band was everywhere around me. Made me wonder if
anyone else had ever thought about that. Anyway, rumors about Unbroken
Chain were everywhere, and they panned out to be true. That was amazing
from a historical standpoint. The last bit about the show that really got
me was drums. At one point the music swelled and I thought my head was
going to explode. Thumbs up to Mickey and Billy for that moment. Way up.
Of course Box of Rain and the double encore were an added bonus, and I was
even really impressed with the fireworks. My guitar player told me that at
some point I turned into a fish during the night, which seemed about
right. I am very grateful for this site, again. Not only can I listen to
all the other shows, but this one, which means a lot to me. That's why I
am giving it 5 stars. It's a little hard to listen to the lyrical
mistakes, but the places that they go otherwise, well, that's deserving.
Plus, Jerry died a month later. It's commendable to do this kind of
performance in the shape he was in. The show effected me so much that I
decided I was definitely going on the road with them the next summer... Oh
well. All I can say is, "We will survive."

November 29, 2004
Reviewer: Fitz1
Subject: The End of an Era
This show is crap!!!! I attended many, many shows, unfortunately or
fortunately, I did not attend this one. I loved this band, but I can still
call a spade a spade. I never really liked the sound of the band after
Vince took over the keyboards. I saw all of the shows at Soldier Field in
the four years prior to this mess. Wow! What a difference a year makes.
One of the earlier comments stated that nobody would want this show in
their collection if Jerry hadn't passed. I couldn't agree more. Believe
me, I am a very Grateful Head, and sure this show has plenty of historical
value, but I rate the shows based on the music, and this one was a real

November 29, 2004
Reviewer: Fitz1
Subject: The End of an Era
This show is crap!!!! I attended many, many shows, unfortunately or
fortunately, I did not attend this one. I loved this band, but I can still
call a spade a spade. I never really liked the sound of the band after
Vince took over the keyboards. I saw all of the shows at Soldier Field in
the four years prior to this mess. Wow! What a difference a year makes.
One of the earlier comments stated that nobody would want this show in
their collection if Jerry hadn't passed. I couldn't agree more. Believe
me, I am a very Grateful Head, and sure this show has plenty of historical
value, but I rate the shows based on the music, and this one was a real

November 28, 2004
Reviewer: jamfreak
Subject: I Give It Grateful 5 Stars!!!!
I think this show is a remarkable show not because of it's music but its
place in history. Even so there were a couple of interesting musical
moments the real Magic of the show is in the cosmic prophecy. Just listen
to Jerry singing the end of So Many Roads and you know what I mean. It
took a friend to point out the LAST Muddy River Jerry sang on the first
refrain around....Also first DOUBLE ENCORE in a long, long time!
Unforgettable also the fireworks that closed everything out. Maybe the
best I've ever seen. An unforgettable FINALE to an exceptional journey!!!!
I think a lot of the negative reviews come from people who haven't been
there and didn't feel this special Moment

November 25, 2004
Reviewer: Bob the listener
Subject: I dont see what all the fuss is about
of course there are better shows but it doesn't mean everyone has to be
hateful about it. i like this show, for whatever reason. A heartfelt So
many roads is always good, phil's solid as always, Phils solid, sings Box
of Rain, with the ending verse eerily prophetic. not a five star, so spend
your time downloading something else, but definitely not worth all the

November 22, 2004
Reviewer: Dr. Tim
Subject: What else can you say?
Of course listening to a band crumble isn't fun. Yes, it is downright
painful. Being a part of this world meant taking the good with the bad
though- it was about not only the music, but the utterly unique
relationship between the band and the audience. I don't want to listen to
this show but it is the moment of closure. Of course it's a line flub on
"last muddy river...." and heroin saps life even from the most spirited. I
only wish that this show had a "Foolish Heart" in it to provide the final
irony. We gave our love to a foolish heart, and it finally failed.
Nonetheless, hearing that heart sing is the coda.

November 21, 2004
Reviewer: Mike Andrews
Subject: Absolute Crap
For anyone with a sense of pitch or phrasing, this is NOT a show to hear.
Darn near every note from Jerry's guitar hurts. Literally hurts. You'd do
better yourself on a case of Coors and a $30 used Danelectro. Yuck.

November 17, 2004
Reviewer: Cortez The Killer
Subject: End Of An Era
I am sooo glad I didn't make it to this show.Highgate was the last show I
attended before Jerry died...I dropped and then left after BTW because you
could feel it all coming to an end...Jerry was just a shell of himself and
it hurt like hell to hear it and see it.I did not care at all for Vince
and though I respect Bruce,neither one understood the trip like Pig and
Brent...It just wasn't the same anymore and the magic seemed lost.So you
say you want to try heroin? Well,hopefully this show will change your
mind...I love you Jerry,peace.

November 12, 2004
Reviewer: pokechop
Subject: Saw shows from up close...
I saw the last 5 shows Jerry did, and I was up very close for the 2 St.
Louis shows and the last one at Soldier Field. The music really was hit
and miss, but the dead were always that way. Jerry Garcia was a person who
commanded immense personal power, and it was obvious up close, even at
this show. He looked much older than his years, and was clearly in poor
health. Don't be fooled, though, he definately still had the power, just
not the health to push us all from one musical vista to the next for a
whole show. Also, recall the Deer Creek riot incident and the campground
disaster where 100+ people got injured after the St. Louis show. These
things cast a lot of negativity into tha band and that is why the music
suffered-not really Jerry fault, entirely. Musically decent, just a real
bad mojo in the air.

November 08, 2004
Reviewer: barrywhiterules
Subject: clear eyes
No argument here: The Grateful Dead was a terrific rock band that gave us
all a tremendous amount of joy. But that doesn't mean reviews of this show
should be turned into some sort of lifetime achievement award. I give this
show two stars -- both because I'm generous, and because the So Many Roads
is a genuine highlight. Other than that, the band sounds tapped out and
uninspired. This show was a sad ending to a wonderful 30-year run. But it
was what it was, and calling it anything other than disappointing is just
flat-out wrong. If you want to celebrate the good times, find a good show
elsewhere in the Archives and give *that* five stars. Don't waste them on

November 06, 2004
Reviewer: BrettA
Subject: not what you think
Reading these eviews and listening to this show, I have the suspicion that
it's you that has the emotion, not the show. I heard that Phil said that
the last like, 7 years was just a dismal blur for him. I think this show
is evidence. It WAS a fantastic voyage and it's over now as we knew it.
Let's accept that it went out with a whimper.

November 05, 2004
Reviewer: Tripps86
Subject: Not as bad as people make it out to be.
This show is definitely not as bad as people say it is. While it can't
compare to shows from earlier in their careers, it is quite good when you
consider how sick Jerry was and how exhausted the rest of the band was, as
well. Also, you can't divorce the show from its historical value. It was
the last show of the greatest band in rock history, and it is the last
time that Jerry ever recorded live. We should consider ourselves lucky to
be able to have this show. Forever Jerry! And for everybody else in the
band, just keep truckin' on...

October 31, 2004
Reviewer: Bernard_from_France
Subject: Salut Jerry
Quand on écoute So Many Roads et que l'on sait que c'est son dernier
concert c'est très émouvant.. La qualité du concert et bonne avec une
bonne version de Black Muddy River. Ce n'est pas le Jerry Garcia de 71
mais qu'elle humanité ! Salut Jerry ... See you soon on the other side

October 25, 2004
Reviewer: Bobk
Subject: black muddy river
first off thanks to all the folks who have put this site together and all
who contribute music history. alas that is what this show is for certain.
It will be marked as the last grateful dead show.. I just listened to
black muddy again . i had not played this tape in years.. it bought a tear
to my eye... I had seen the giants stadium shows and felt we were seeing
garcia for the last time... This show makes me ask what if all over
again..If you rode the bus .. lived for the tours, shows than keep at
least black muddy from this show in your collection.. and when you play
it.. look up to the heavens and say thanks to jerry....

October 25, 2004
Reviewer: trh
Subject: So Many Stars?
just to echo what's been said...this is pretty awful. sure we all get
worked up over the end, but be thankful it ever was. giving this show
anything other than 1 or 2 stars means you haven't actually listened to
the show.

October 09, 2004
Reviewer: agman
Subject: We had to get off the bus
I remember as I walked out of Soilder field that fatrful night saying, it
was a ok show, about what we had come to expect from the boys at that
time. But people rating these 90's shows aganst early 70's shows ???? I
remember after hearing the news thinking , it was a tragic end to what was
dubbed "the tragic tour"..... to be honest I don't feel the band(s) ever
played any "bad" shows, just some were better then others. thank you for a
real good tyme.!!!!

October 09, 2004
Reviewer: agman
Subject: We had to get off the bus
I remember as I walked out of Soilder field that fatrful night saying, it
was a ok show, about what we had come to expect from the boys at that
time. But people rating these 90's shows aganst early 70's shows ???? I
remember after hearing the news thinking , it was a tragic end to what was
dubbed "the tragic tour"..... to be honest I don't feel the band(s) ever
played any "bad" shows, just some were better then others. thank you for a
real good tyme.!!!!

October 08, 2004
Reviewer: sugarmag
Subject: why such a low rating?
well i was just wondering why people are bumming out so much about this
show. I though that it was pretty good especially the BMR, it was
literally spine tingling. This is a good show, and although not their
greatest, is definitly worth downloading. For those of you who havnt heard
anything from '65-'69 you definitly should and also the Europe '72 tour.

October 07, 2004
Reviewer: gdphan
Subject: Far from the end
I think to bill this as the end of it all is wrong. The Dead live on, and
so does Jerry. Don't dwell on the bad notes or strained vocals just
listen. People who do that just dont get it! Plain and simple! As you
listen take only a brief mental note that this was Jerry's last show, but
please dont hover over it because if you do that you will be very
disappointed. Enjoy! Oh yeah take notice to the rest of the band! Jerry is
not the only member.

October 05, 2004
Reviewer: Aiko
Subject: The End of it all
Yes the last show with Jerry. Im not sure how to rate this. The sound
quality is excellent and all and all, despite other reviewers I think it
was a pretty good show. I dont care that Jerry wasn't performing his best.
One highlite is definitly so many roads. Take a listen, and enjoy. The
"LAST" muddy river, as Jerry sings in Black muddy river.

October 05, 2004
Reviewer: crawford33
Subject: Thank you for everything, Jerry
Don't diss this show, if you do, then you're disrespecting everything that
the band put into this show. Especially Jerry. A dying man playing for
hours on stage. I don't think alot of people in this world can do that. If
you disrespect all that he did in this show, then you truly aren't a fan.
Thank you, Jerry for everything you did.

September 30, 2004
Reviewer: Skippy61
Subject: just listen
I have just gotten into the Dead and when i heard this last performance i
was deeply moved. Jerrys' health was failing, the band might have been
tired from a long summer of touring and still i loved the performance. Did
Jerry or Phil or the rest of the band know he was dying? Does it matter??
Really? Stop worrying about the *hidden messages* ( if there are any) and
just listen. Please Shed a tear for Jerry if you like, i obviously didn't
know him but i sense he would want us not to cry so much as listen and
love the music. Peace and be good to each other Skippy

September 27, 2004
Reviewer: Born_Again_Dead
Subject: Killin' the Dead
This show hurts. I feel Jerry dyin'. I think Jerry wanted us to feel him
dyin'. No matter how much Jerry meant to sooooo.... many people, nobody
meant as much to Jerry as Heroin Death. Not the fans, not his family, not
his band of brothers. Sad but honest. I am not judging, I have had Jerry
pick, strum and sing me out of many a dark time. But reality is is that he
couldn't make it and now we all miss him. Does make me cry to hear the
struggle in his voice and guitar. So many roads, I pray his Road Is Easy

September 17, 2004
Reviewer: Samuel Glen
Subject: Bittersweet Symphony
I have listened to this show several times, both out of sentiment and
mourning. Although many have raved over the stark beauty of So Many Roads,
I cannot help but to shake my head. In the end the show represents the
mediocre end of a great band.

September 14, 2004
Reviewer: jci35
Subject: weird...
Jerry does say LAST instead of BLACK on BMR. Very strange. It was worth
getting but I do not enjoy listening to it for very long. HEROIN SUCKS...

September 14, 2004
Reviewer: jci35
Subject: weird...
Jerry does say LAST instead of BLACK on BMR. Very strange. It was worth
getting but I do not enjoy listening to it for very long. HEROIN SUCKS...

September 11, 2004
Reviewer: bocajoes
Subject: Such a long time to be gone...
So much has already been said about the “So Many Roads” from this show, so
I won’t pile on. What gets me choked up more than the SMR are the last 2
songs. It was as if Jerry knew he was dying and so did the band, so they
put every ounce of energy and emotion that they had to give into those
last 2 songs (read Blair Jackson’s excellent bio of Jerry – he describes
Jerry being helped up the stairs to the stage for the second set that
night. That being known, Jerry gave us all we could ask of him for the
second half of the show.) Listen carefully to Jerry during the first
chorus of “Black Muddy River and you will hear him INTENTLY sing “last
muddy river.” Later in the song, he sang “stones fall from my eyes instead
of years.” Listen to Phil during “Box of Rain;” you won’t find a more
emotional version of this song anywhere. It was obvious that he knew that
this was his last song with Jer. He sang is heart out throughout the song.
Listen to the last line, Phil SHOUTS, “such a long, long time to be gone,
and a short time to be THEEEEERRRRE!”

September 08, 2004
Reviewer: particular
Subject: Chills
Listen to "So Many Roads." It will send chills up your spine.

September 05, 2004
Reviewer: samson320
Subject: end of the greatest band ever
id have to agree with a fellow reviewer anyone that got to see this
concert our any grateful dead shows and uses ill words to describe it
should be ashamed and un-Grateful to have been there i to would have give
a testicle to see this our any show of an any year i know it wasnt the
best but it was the last and all of us who were born in the wrong
timeperiod as i see it get to only imagine how great it was , oh and
theres no way u can say that so many roads doesnt bring a tear to your eye
if it doesnt u dont really got the love . Oh ya and todays music scene is
pretty pathetic its pretty sad that good rock and roll music is pretty
much gone so basically be GRATEFUL

September 04, 2004
Reviewer: BobSteele
Subject: So many roads........
All I want is one to take me home. Just listen, and you can feel it! This
is a GREAT show!!!!

September 01, 2004
Reviewer: samerca
Subject: The value and worth of this show...
to simply assign a good/bad value judgement to this show based on the
musicianship of the band/and or setlist or sound of the recording is
completely idiotic. This show must be judged for what it is: the last
grateful dead show and the last recording of jerry garcia playing the
music many of you were lucky enough to see/hear live, and many of us who
weren't around can only see/hear through recordings stored on this site
and others as well as dvd's out on the market. It sucks to read some of
the negative comments written on this board about this last show of theirs
because--you should say to yourself--"I was lucky to see this show or at
least have the opportunity to have bought tickets for this show and many
other shows during the 80's, 70's and even 60's." Many of us downloading
these files and buying the DVD's and even having the opportunity to see
the current band tour would give a right arm and eyeball to see the band
even when they were not on top form. I would give a testicle to have the
opportunity to go back in time and catch the band at any point in their
history--just to have the opportunity to experience the magic that was the
GD. This recording represents more then a good/bad show, or a good/bad
recording: this show represents the end of a legacy, the end of an
era--and band that can never be replaced. Just take a look now at the
current music scene and you can understand what I mean. There is for sure
an empty space where the grateful dead (and other great bands of the 60's
& 70's) once occupied, and music will never be the same again. So please,
don't be ungrateful and accept this recording--with all of its
imperfection et cetera--for what it is, a special show that marked the end
of a way of life for many of you, and most deffinitely the end of an

August 30, 2004
Reviewer: feellikeastranger
Subject: great show
i thought this was a pretty phat show. to say this was the worst show of
95 or the 90's is a crime. sure it's not one of the best shows the boys
put together but think about it, this is the last show of a long, hot &
rainy summer tour. ever stop and think that maybe the band is tired and
ready to take a break? after all they are only human and humans get tired.
i dont think anyone who has anything bad to say about any show the dead
ever played dont aprecieate the grateful dead and what they gave to us.
stop your negative flappin and be thankful you had a chance to see the
boys play. if you had a good time while your were at the show and out on
tour, there really should be nothing to complain about and thanks to all
the tapers out there working their asses off, you can have the memory to
cherrish for the rest of your days. just enjoy it and stop complaining.
this was a great show as well as the night before. i recomend it to anyone
who still has a love for the grateful dead.

August 22, 2004
Reviewer: GregH
Subject: Not really that bad a show
Previous reviews have pointed out the several "bad" parts of this show,
but few have pointed out that, overall, it's at least an average show
compared to the other 1991-1995 stuff, and isn't as horrible as some have
stated--musically, it's not bad at all. Good recording, especially since
you can hear Weir's flourishes better than in many other recordings. Even
with all the alleged "Garcia problems", he's still whipping out some very
nice riffs, many times. "Touch of Grey", "Lazy River", "Little Red
Rooster", "Black Muddy River", "Shakedown", and "Masterpiece" are all
musically tight. "Sugar Magnolia" and a few others are kind of messy, and
Garcia certainly sang better, but the guitars sound better than average in
my opinion. In fact, the poor vocal work on "Shakedown" is kind of a
benefit, in a way, since the music is so good. Give it a 2nd chance, if
you've heard it before. It's got some very good ensemble playing, and some
very good Weir guitar.

August 14, 2004
Reviewer: JimF.
Subject: What??
This is a terrible Dead show, emotion or not. Sound quality is pretty
good, but give me a break with this "this is the best show of '95"

August 10, 2004
Reviewer: gankmore
Subject: Unbutchered So Many Roads
Unlike the edited version of "So Many Roads" that appears on the box set
of the same name, this version is the real deal. Jerry doubles up on the
"ice-blue-roses" verse and this is his original intro, not the pasted on
version. I hear the next Gans/Cuttler project is to go back and clean up
all of Picasso's later works. Apparently he was pretty fucked up and
didn't know what he was doing. This show is the best one of '95, and while
it's not flawless, there are some wonderful moments. I find it amazing
that the majority of reviews of this show speak to other reviews rather
than the music itself. I enjoy lazy river road, childhoods end, the
cumberland, and the shakedown. The unbroken is wonderful too. This isn't
Jerry's brightest moment, but it's one hell of a swan song.

August 10, 2004
Reviewer: hippieman556
Subject: this show has meaning to alot of people
dont diss the show just listen

August 02, 2004
Reviewer: thedoggirl
Subject: THE END

August 02, 2004
Reviewer: deadtothecore
Subject: What else is there to say???
Nice recording. So Many Roads to ease my soul. :(

July 31, 2004
Reviewer: deadhead89
Subject: last show
poor jerry his playing was shot. its sad to think its his last show.
R.I.P. jerry

July 10, 2004
Reviewer: J. Jonah Jameson
Subject: Not much happening here
This is a mediocre show. It's poignant because it's the last show. The 1st
set basically blows. The 2nd set is pure mediocrity except for the
obvious: Jerry almost blows So Many Roads but then pulls a rabbit out of
his hat for the magical, gospel build-up ending which makes you want to
cry. The Unbroken out of Space is pretty decent, but it's the band playing
and Jerry barely even audible, kind of like most of the show. From
listening to the Black Muddy encore, Jerry sounds pretty strong and it
actually sounds like Vince that screws it up in the transition. Phil
shines on this, always thought Childhood's End was a pretty nice one, too.
Sad to listen to this, but this was the culmination of Jerry's long, slow
decline. Pretty good SQ with this SBD, sounds like it's been mixed or

July 01, 2004
Reviewer: hootski66
Subject: lotman's review
Must've been TIC (tongue in cheek)

June 06, 2004
Reviewer: Imercator
Subject: Better than the AUD version
This show is not a good one however you listen to it. However, I must say
that the SBD version is a big advance on the AUD copy that I had prior to
this. I was surprised that on listnening to this show that it was a lot
better than I remembered it. I think the audience copy sounded a lot worse
because you could hear Garcia's tired vocals (or lack of) and frequent bum
notes echo around the stadium. But this copy isn't so bad. Difficult to
review show-wise. Garcia's last two songs were So Many Roads and Black
Muddy River, and the last song they ever played was Box Of Rain. They
speak for themselves...

June 05, 2004
Reviewer: JaCkSTraw8995
Subject: sad
on black muddy river in the first chorus Jerry says Last muddy
river.....coincidence, i dont know. but this show regardless of the flaws
brings a tear to my eye everytime i listen to it. I love the Dead and I
hate giving them bad reviws because everyone has a bad day here and there
and I think they deserve a good review for everything or at least a decent
one. well misss you Jerry.

June 04, 2004
Reviewer: Kodos
Subject: Say your peace and get out
Last show. Historical value only. Great quality, at least in this show
from '95 they are TRYING... Between Jerry's overall health, his carpal
tunnel syndrome was KILLING his playing. So Many Roads was a diamond in
the extreme rough, almost hard to listen to emotionally. Box of Rain sums
up the career.

May 24, 2004
Reviewer: jmaz
Subject: Phil's show
The bright spot of this show is Phil; Childhood's End, Unbroken Chain, and
Box Of Rain were all strong. And So Many Roads was Jerry's goodbye.

May 20, 2004
Reviewer: Steinbergerman
Subject: so many roads to ease his soul
this show is basically crap, but the so many roads was definitely jerry
writing his epitaph. i cry every time i listen to it.

May 20, 2004
Reviewer: kingman33
Subject: Touch of grey?
I have to say that I also saw my first show when touch of grey came
out,and this show was a bummer and I now have a touch of grey.But I will
get by, I will survive,lets see some 81,82,83,84,86,87,88,89. Chow

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: jeffsetz
Subject: A painful ending
1995 was the most painful year to endure as a fan. The 6 shows I attended
were terrible, Jerry's health decline was frightening to witness and the
influx of loser newbie Deadheads that ruined the concert scene make this
the most forgetable year in the band's 30 year career. Sadly, Jerry & band
bow out with this chillingly bad gig. Man, I thought the '95 Shoreline run
was bad. This one is even worse.

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: NisselZayango
Subject: Not a train wreck
I didn't think this was quite as disastrous as some others did ... still,
it was not too good, and kinda sad to listen to at times. (Incidentally: I
greatly appreciate having all this Dead on the Live Music Archive, but why
put a bum year like '95 up before, say, 1988 or 1980?)

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: jjwood64
Subject: For archival purposes only -- The Last Show
I give this 4 stars for the recording, 1/2 a star for part of So Many
Roads. The rest of the show is just plain terrible and painful to listen
to, like much of the GD from 1993 on.

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: briannj1970
Subject: Deserves a star...
...just for the So Many Roads. Other than the historical significance this
show is pretty much worthless. If it's good for anything it serves to show
how far the Grateful Dead had fallen. At times it's almost painful to
listen to. IMO very few shows after 1991 are worth five stars. If it
wasn't for the SMR I'd look to give this show no stars.

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: thelotman
Subject: the best for last..
WOW and WOW, that's all i can say. i have been a dead head ever since
touch of grey came out and boy did i get down. this was my second show and
it was the best!! Jerry sounded great and so did the others. a must have!!

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: oldindawae
Subject: overating
I agree, I keep seeing reviews from the 90's with 5 stars- there just
weren't that many 5 star shows after 91. i wonder if the folks who are
giving those ratings have ever listened to Europe 72, May 73, May 77,
Summer 82, Summer 89 There are a lot of 5 star shows in those times, but
02,93,94,95 they were few and far between

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: rak5877
Subject: don't overrate this show
don't give this show 5 stars for all the joy the dead created over the
years. this show, standing alone, is terrible. if zero stars was an
option, this show would deserve it. i don't want some newbie to see a
bunch of 5 star reviews, dl this show, and wonder what the he11 the fuss
is about. there are far, far, far better shows spanning the dead's 30 year
career. there are even better shows in '95 for heaven's sake. keep it fair

May 19, 2004
Reviewer: digdogdig
Subject: Last Show..
Scary, sad note. Thank you Jerry.

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Poster: cush11 Date: Mar 25, 2007 11:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

Good on ya Ian! Many thanks... Mudcat's post got me to wondering too. It's good to hear from again, I hope all is well with you! J

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Poster: mcglone Date: Mar 25, 2007 11:54am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

i've never once issued a single complaint about the pulling of the boards EVER, i firmly believe it's the artists right do as they please, but the reviews??? dang! especially for the last show eh.

other than that, it's all good! spring is in the air... nudge, nudge ; ) ; )


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Poster: cush11 Date: Mar 25, 2007 12:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

I'm sure I can speak for many of us to again thank you for your foresight!

We've already had a taste of summer here :( But spring is back:)

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Poster: mudcatbluez Date: Mar 25, 2007 1:02pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: final show

Hey Ian, thanx so much for these. It's great to see you posting again to class the place up. You were definitely missed. Just getting back to work & back into the swing of things myself.

Hope life's getting back to better for you, man.